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Hidden Cost of Crappy Reporting Software

White Paper

About this White Paper:

Exactly how much is your outdated reporting software costing you? Sure, you can add up the obvious expenses such as training and maintenance fees, but it’s the hidden expenses that are having a much greater impact on your bottom line. Your outdated and inefficient reporting program could be hurting you big time without you even realizing it.

Free-Form Design Control

Report Designer

Drop-In Embedded Code

Embedded Code

High-Performance Output


Data-Powered Documents Made Easy!

Windward Studios provides reporting and document generation software which can be integrated with virtually any application. The Windward solution consists of an easy-to-use free-form Report Designer and powerful Report Engine that connects your data and document templates to generate final output. Enterprises and OEM Software publishers around the world choose Windward's solution to add best-in-class reporting and document generation capabilities to their applications—at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

Report Designer

Report Designer

Windward's Report Designer is a free-form design environment available as a Microsoft Office add-in or as a browser-based application. These familiar and intuitive builders allow designers and developers to create and edit templates in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools.

  • Data-powered Office documents
  • Available as a browser-based application
  • Connect to multiple data sources and types
  • Reduce design and collaboration time  
Report Engine

Report Engine

Windward's Report Engine is a set of embeddable code libraries that can be integrated within your existing application. It comes in three varieties: JAVA, .NET and RESTful. Report Engine connects your Report Designer templates with your data sources for high-performance output.

  • Small footprint inside your application
  • Seamless integration with a few lines of code
  • Support for output to all popular formats
  • Fast and scaleable